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Hey guys, new to the board. Acyually, I am an AZTTORA member. I need some part #'s. I am doing a SAS on a 2000 and using the 44 from an 1985 waggy. The dorman wheel studs I have match the tread pitch of my lugs, but are too thick on the knurle. Apparently everyone has bee grinding out a small amount of metal inside the hub to get these studs to fit. I know there is a stud out there that fits the thread pitch of the tacoma (2000) and also fits the hub on the waggy. I mic'd the new dorman studs and there about 4 thousanths too big. I really don'[t want to grind the hub, or have a stud spin while I am changing a tire.
Thanks for the help guys!

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i cant read your list really well you have a better version you can email?

thanks in advance

Click on the fullsize hyperlink near the bottom of the page. That'll bring up another page. You'll need to scroll over the pic until you see the "enlarge" icon on the bottom right of the pic. You should be able to see it better then. If not, let me know and I'll email it to you.
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