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Wheel studs

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What is the wheel stud size or part number to use toyota lug nuts instead of having to use jeep lug nuts?


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Dorman 610264-1. I believe the "-1" is the longer studs. With out the "-1" are the shorter ones.
Bear said:
Do you know a good source for them? I was thinking Napa may carry them but I am not sure. would that be a safe guess?
Kragen( has the shorter ones for $1.99 and the longer ones for $2.19.
Bear said:
Thanks! now I just need to figure out if they are close to me or if it going to be strickly mail order. I am new to my area and don't recall ever seeing them around.

I am off to do my research on them now! Thanks again!
Kragen also goes by the name of "Checker's" or "Schuck's". So look for that.

No one (including Parts Mike) has ever heard of Dorman 610264-1. 610264 seems to be the only part number that comes up. 610264-1 isn't even in the Dorman published parts book.

I used 610264-1 and purchased them from Kragen (aka PartsAmerica). Check them out online:

You can purchase them online and pick up at store. I can see if any of the Kragens have them here and bring them up to the bentup shop on sunday. Heading up there in the morning to get some work done.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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