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Wheel width?

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Alright, this isnt a typical quesiton about what wheel width to get, it's more along the lines of what tire can I fit on a 15x6 wheel. I have heard some of the traditional "guidlines" somewhat. I have been told that it's not recommended even placing a 31x1050 on a 15x6 rim because it's too narrow of a rim. Well, I have done that and it's no problem personally.

Now im wondering can I fit a 33x1050 or 32x1050 on a 15x6 rim. On the tire manufacture's website they usually suggest a larger size rim. Like on bridgestones site the "measuring rim" is a 15x8.5 for a 31x1050. Interco actually was using a 15x7 for their 32x1050. So im figuring that I can get a 33x1050 (which is only .5" taller than the 32x1050 from interco) on a 15x6 rim with out much of an issue.

Any thoughts? Dont ask why im going with Interco here, they are cheap (well more so than BFG) and wear nice in my personal experiance. Well, nice being relative to life, not luxury. Had a pair of TSL radials on my friends PU and they lasted a bit more than 45K, maybe more since the odometer was off
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A friend of mine has 37" SSRs on an 8" rim. Yeah, they bulge, but they haven't worn funny or popped off the bead in about 25K miles of combined driving.
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