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It sucks on both sides of the fence.
1)I understand the property owner's being upset becuase their place is being torn up and tresspassed upon and if someone gets hurt on their property some bottom feeding lawyer will probably end up helping the person who gets hurt owning the property.
2) Individuals that choose to go in and tear up someone's property with out permission give everyone else a bad reputation, the old 5% F***ing it up for the other 95% that respect other's rights

When I grew up riding trails around the Cascades-Mt Hood, Upper Clackamas River and the Eugene Area-McKenzie River there were tons of places to go because the Timber Companies allow people to go on their property becuase the majority of people respected the trails and logging roads. in the Mid 80's they started putting heavy gates that a tank would have trouble getting through because people were dumping garbage etc up their and basically tearing the crap out of things,

it is crap like this that gets some of the decent close in urban wheeling areas closed off as the urban boundaries expand....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts