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wheelin story

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I was enjoying a nice evening on my front deck when a neighbor pulled up on his 4 wheeler and asked if I had time to see if I could pull his truck and tractor out of the woods. Well, always enjoying a nice drive in the East Texas woods I told him I'd throw my boots on a see what I could do. LOL, first of all I couldn't believe he even got a full sized pickup out there; it was a very nasty trail and a challenge even with 4wd and a rear locker. I got out there and laughed at the tractor as soon as I saw it. It was almost sitting on its side it was so sunk in and surrounded by water and trees on all sides for about 60 yards. I told him even if I could get to it there was no way my lil taco has enough weight to pull the tractor out so lets take a look at the pickup and see what we can do. LOL, it was sitting on the frame as well but had dry ground up to the rear of it, so I thought I could snatch him out with my 48,000 pound snatch strap. LOL guys, I gave it hell but could not budge that truck even an inch. All 4 of his tires were off the ground and were useless. They brought out a 1 ton dually 4x4 with a winch and got the pickup out easy enough, but when he tried to get to the tractor that truck dropped off in a hole half way up the bed. The next morning they brought out a track hoe and got the truck and tractor out, but somebody had been out there and stole all the guys’ tools out of his truck, luckily they didn’t touch the loaded pistol in the cab. Just another quiet day out in the sticks of East Texas. Guess it's time to fork out the money for that winch and mount it to the TJM. Needless to say there is some kick ass 4x4in' around my parts.

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Where about in Texas are ya'? I'm in Nacogdoches and recently went to Shiloh Ridge.
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