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where to get hitch

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my 2003 tacoma didnt come with a tow package and i am looking to get one soon...i want one where it is hidden the most and i want a class III...where would be the cheapest place to find one? thanks for your help
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I would check out

They sell actual Toyota hitches for $263. With the wiring harness, hell of a deal if you ask me
mudferret said:
As much as I like Chris, and try to be as much of a pimp as I can for him, that's not* a good deal (*for Toy stuff yes, but compared to other options, no).

A plug and play tail light harness, and bracket hitch is tons cheaper. The Toy harness is just waaaay too much cash.
I don't have any experience with Toyota Hitches, but I do know that I had a Uhaul hitch and it was Crap! It rusted after about 3 years use. The toyota one might do the same, but I am willing to give it a shot for a few more dollars.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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