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Where to get the matching color fender flairs

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I have a 2002 TRD V6 4x4 SR5 Tacoma and was wondering where to buy the matching colored fender flairs. My black ones are starting to fade.

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This is a copy of the reply from Barb this morning...OUCH!! I'm just gonna paint the ones I got.

The fender flares do not come painted, you would have to get them painted, or we could paint them for you.

75872-04010 FLARE , 98.64 1

75871-04010 FLARE , 98.64 1

75874-04010 FLARE , 158.80 1

75873-04010 FLARE , 158.80 1

Painted to lunar mist 299.00

Shipping/insurance 55.00

Total $868.00
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Reply from Barabara:


I forgot all about those! They are on our website, and are available!

$493.35, plus $50.00 shipping/ins.

Best Regards,


Barbara W. King
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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