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which coilover

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sizer2 said:
I was planning on getting new coilovers and was just wondering which coils to get. I was either looking at getting the fabtech coilovers or saws. I want to get a coilover that makes my truck look higer than stock hiegth.


Truly depends on what you want to do with the truck...I have spacers now, and they are a cheap effective way of lifting. With cheap you get what you pay for, I wheel 10-20 times a year. My 3" liift is now 2.5". It will settle. Even if you don't wheel much, the ride on the street is noticably stiffer then stock. Coilovers cranked even up to 3"'s will ride better then a spacer lift (even the less expensive coilovers). If you don't plan on wheelin' often and want a ride close to stock, I would suggest looking at some SAW's...the Fabtechs low end ones are not re-buildable. If $ is tight (like me) spacers will do the trick.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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