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Hi all,
My '01 V6 Taco has been tossing out P0171 error codes (system too lean bank #1) and I've been looking for vacuum leaks and cleaning the MAF sensor. It idles just a little rough and sorta diesels on hard acceleration. Dumping injector cleaner every 3rd tank only makes it go away for a little while.
So I guess the next thing to do is find this O2 sensor on bank 1 and take a look at it. I think I can do the test that's in the Tech/FAQ section, but I have to find the sensor first.

Which side is bank 1? Driver or passenger? And about where would it be located near? All I have is a crappy Chilton that covers all the toyota trucks and they show 1 sensor right in front of the cat.

Thanks for all the advise!

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