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Last year I embarked on the adventure to buy and drive a 1997 FZJ 80 4.5 in eastern Tajikistan. Spare parts are rare and so are qualified mechanics... Being tired of well-meant but not well-informed smattering, I try to figure out things myself. So, I'd be glad if anybody could help me understanding the following problem:

As soon as the engine warms up, say after 4-5km (in summer in town at 40-50km/h), the rpm suddenly drops (as if the gas supply is interrupted?), especially in a moment when I would slow down, shifting gears. Once this happens the first time, I need to push the gas pedal hard/ increase the rpm again and again or the engine would just die; which eventually anyways happens. From the point when the rpm drops first the car would rather stutter periodically then driving.

What happened so far: The petrol pump was replaced and the carburator examined whether the valve seals properly which it does. Yet, there would be way too much petrol inside the carburator.

That's all I can tell. I hope somebody has any clue what the issue might be?

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