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Who is running a coilover jacked up around 3" w/manual hubs?

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I've been having some problems with my 98 taco, it's got manual hubs and lifted on fabtech coilovers probably to about 2.75-3" w/a 1" diff drop and am getting some helatious noises from the front end, i've isolated it to the hub/c.v. area on drivers side and am just wondering if anyone sorta "in my situation" lift wise has had any similar problems. Also what would a messed up c.v. sound like?
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about 3 fins are touching top and bottom, i am guessing on my amount of lift but the boots show absolutely no signs of wear, but i haven't opened em up to sift the grease for broken bits. I'm wondering if they are a culprit because the noise goes away if i lock the hubs in 4wd for a while, it will eventually return though.
but why would it be binding w/manual hubs? The upper's are stretched a bit but i haven't gone through any yet.
Well it makes the noise randomly but when it does it will sometimes be on right hand turns although sometimes it will do it while going straight. It does it when unlocked. ALthough sincei marked the hubs and checked them and they moved apparently they must spin sometimes randomly. But like said above, that may be normal.
wisctaco04 said:
Have you pulled the hub apart and regreased the outer spindle shaft and manual hub. I don't know what your model consists of (brass sleeve or roller bearings)but mine has a brass sleeve that was pretty cruded up last time I tore it down. I could see it making a helluva noise if left alone for a while. I run about 3.5" currently. I was a bit higher before.
Wait now what sleeve are you talking about, I didn't pull it down that far.
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