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Oh here's the deal. Saturday I am going to get a front axle out of an 85 Pickup that some lady in Ocala is parting.

Here's the stuff she claims it has. And the prices are what I think I can get her down to.

Body is in good shape. Doors are straight. Bed is there but rusty. Can prob get doors for ~$100
Top Shift Tcase (I might keep this) ~$75
Driveshafts (I might keep the front if it has UJoints on both ends) ~$35 a piece
I assume the leafs are still on it (I might keep the rears)
Steering Crap

Motor, Tranny, and Rear Axle are gone. I can probably get the whole thing for $400 maybe even $350 but I do not want to deal with it unless someone wants the frame and cab or something.
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