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Just normal off road fun, let me know.
dang, I'd roll up there with you if I could...
I've tread on that Mtn. some :)

unfortunately I have other commitments on that date :(

If ya go up there again...
I'd prolly roll out for that. (a good snow dusting preferred) :D

The Hemet Jeep Club sponsored trail is worthy of running...
5S09 is a fun climb up in elevation from the lower Bee Canyon entrance.
On a clear day...
you can see for miles, including the smog over LA :rolleyes: :mad:

The Hemet Jeep Club sponsored trail is along the 5S09
up there a ways... and kinda nondescript,
(but marked) when you come across it.
It dumps you out some miles north of Pine Cove on hwy 243

Staying on 5S09, passing up the heep trail, takes you
thru a small water crossing...
the area is a great place to stop and have lunch.
Following the 5S09 out will exit at Pine Cove, hwy 243 as well.

On the heep trail there's one interesting drop off,
a break over W 90* left (uphill turn) just after 'da large boulder squeeze by.
Can make ya think ?! wtf :scared: :dunno:

don't slide into 'dat boulder, nor flop 'dere :xdevil::shiner::shame::D

I just ran it solo the other week... no issues, was simple
got a little snow on that day. :)

Might be a little wet up there in few spots...
As I believe all the snow has melted from the recent warming and drizzle.

The water crossing on the main trail is probably flowing good tho'

if you wanna see some snow...
prolly only place high enough will be Humber Park (Idyllwild outskirts)

^ That's basically a parking lot playground....
usually there's sledders and other snow frolicker's there :rolleyes: :p

oh wait...
current forecast for Idyllwild shows no snow below 8000 ft.
So Humber Park might only have trace amounts of snow :dunno:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts