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Write up for gear oil swap?

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Any writes up on how to do this? This will be my first attempt at this procedure... any input is appreciated.

I am swaping out

- man tranny
- T-case
- and both diffs (that is correct isn't it, I know you are suposed to do the rear but I am not sure about the front)

Any idea how much gear oil I will need? I figure I will be safe if I buy 12 quarts.
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97TacoDude said:
You'll need a 24 mm socket, preferably a 6 point, and a breaker bar is nice too but do NOT re-tighten the plugs with the bar, use a torque wrench. I can't remember what size the socket head plugs are on the front diff but like someone said, they are in there very tight. Take the fill plug out first to see if it will even come out, so you don't drain all your fluid and end up not being able to put it back in, which would suck. The differential drain plugs have magnets, clean 'em off. Don't get the gear oil on you or you will stink something fierce.
Listen CAREFULLY to the above! The transmission and trans case are aluminum housings and can be stripped VERY easily. Use a torque wrench and be careful!

Trans drain plugs 27 ft/lbs

Transfer case drain plugs 27 ft/lbs

Front axle drain/fill plugs 29 ft/lbs, plugs are 10mm in size.

Real axle drain/fill plugs 29 ft/lbs

Try to do this job on a warm day. This stuff gets thick as syrup when it is cold.
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