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Hey guys, just want to start off by saying great forum. My first truck was an 87 4x4, but I sold it when I went to college, in favor of getting something more highway compatible. Now that i'm graduating i'm looking for a second vehicle.

Here's what i'm looking for:
89 to 95- must be a pickup (no 4runners, sorry)
sound mechanical condition
preferibly a 22re engine, standard cab, manual tranny.

Let me know whats you guys have, I'm willing to look within a few hundred miles of Eastern PA. I've got 2-3k, i'm not looking for a built trail rig, just something to surf/work out of when I get home. I've also got an 86 bmw 325(is motor swap) 5 speed I could trade. If anyones interested I could give them more information. You can either reply to this post or send me an email at [email protected]

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