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tacotoy said:
im gettin tired of drivin my truck to work every day. that and i want to start fabbing stuff up for it and i want to be able to work on it for more than a weekend at a time. does anyone have some type of running vehicle around that they want to get rid of for cheap? if its an old truck even better as i can have 2 toys lol
Hey man, keep an eye on the Colo .org forum.
Ive picked up several hoopies there for next to nothing. The last one was a '85 Tercel 4x4 wagon [$100]... Drove the crap outta it for several months then we cut the top and doors off one night to make a sick go-cart out of...
'Somones wife' called and had it towed a few days later so we never did get to finish our go cart dream :lmao:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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