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$10,000 - $15,000
I am looking to buy a Tacoma or Tundra 2005 or newer with the least amount of miles I can get. I already have financing through my bank and can move on price a little bit and will look at anything up for negotiation.

Must have:
minimum extended cab
vehicle maintenance records
clear title and accident reports

Would like:
double cab
under 100,000 miles

I have looked at Edmonds and Kelly Blue Book and I am only willing to pay market value not your over value price for the vehicle. Selling to me will be better then a dealer as I will give you the money not work just take all your profits and charge you fees for selling the vehicle to me. If you are wanting to buy a new car with the money then go in with some cash, they are going to ask for it anyway.

My financing is already approved and waiting on me to find the vehicle so if you have close to what I want send me an email and lets talk. You will have to provide my bank with basic registration information, and if there is still a loan then they will need that info too. They will then cut you the check and you give me the vehicle. We are both covered and the deal is all legitimate.

If interested but not enough cash, I have a 1996 4Runner with a bunch of mods that we may be able to include for the right deal. I can tell you more about it when we talk.
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