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I am looking for a replacement tranny for my 1985 4 Runner. I have a W56 w/ wabout 270k on it and the 1st gear syncho pops 1st gear out like 90% of the time. All the other gears have no issues.

Do you happen to have a W56 with some good live left in it that doesn't have any problems? I would be interested!

Also, looking for a Header. Pacesetter, Downey, OBX w/ a O2 bung. As long as it's not going to crack on me in 6 months, I am insterested!

And, last but not least - need to wrap my hands around a decent 33x12.50 for a spare. You got one?

Please PM me with whatcha got! I have a family and pretty much live check to check - so I have to pinch the penny's for now! I just can't run out and drop coin on a Marlin W56HD right now!

I am not expecting to pay nothing for something almost new. I hope to find something with decent mileage and that isn't a premium.

Thanks in Advance!

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