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WTF 95 Pick UP rotor replacement

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OK, I consider myself extremely mechanically inclined but I found something that just eludes me. On my 95 P/u I removed the wheel looked at it a bit then removed the "manual lock hub cap" lokked at it some more scratched my head then removed the bolts holding the locking hub body on the other part attached to the rotor. Then pry'd and pry'd and could not get the rotor off I thought WTF. So I called my local 4X4 shop they said use a bigger hammer so I grabbed mt 3lb. sledge and tried again. Won't budge I was told not to remove the center bolt that appears to hold the cv and bearings in place. How the hell do you get the rotor off? It is attached to the hub body which is then attached to the silver hub locking mechanism. hmmmm any ideas?

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xcmountain80 said:
OK, I consider myself extremely mechanically inclined
I like this :) My only suggestion to add is I am almost 100% positive the rotor is a slip on unit. They have been making Toyota Pickups like that since the dawn of time so I don't see any reason why yours would be different.
I would suggest some WD-40 and a BFH, should come right off
Once again, a BFH should get those cone washers loosened up :)
I rebuilt an 85 axle and the cone washers were stubborn sum beeches, but with a little persistency, they generally give in
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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