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I currently am setup to bend 1.75" tube with a 6" CLR for bumpers, sliders, and cages. I also have Bend tech pro, therefore I am willing to fab up some items at cost for parts. Let me know what you have to trade for a first gen 4runner.

If you would like to pay for work I usually charge $10 per bend if you want to purchase your own materials and have everything ready to bend (locations and angles). Easy Rock Sliders would run $40 if you are ready for bending only. Kick out slider would run $60 above the cost of materials for anyone.

Also, I will sell my latest look-a-like "Trail Gear Low profile" bumper with winch mount (Part #120021-1-K) for $300 firm, save the cost of shipping and fabrication and buy this one. It's welded and coated with black bedliner.

I am looking for lots of things, specifically: Forward shift T-case, Baja Lights (any size), EFI everything for a 22R to RE conversion, Crossover steering parts/kit, CB radio, 5.29 gears, Roof racks, 22R rebuild kits, stereo systems, Subwoofers, shop equipment, etc. Let me know what you have and we can make a deal.

801-529-8421 Mike
[email protected]
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