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Up for sale is an XTM Mammoth. Had this thing for maybe 2 years, bought it when I broke my foot to have fun at Glamis while everyone rode. This thing has around half a gallon through it. It has normal wear (cage is a little beat), thing runs perfect, after-run oil always used. Just been sitting for too long and taking up space. It has been tested and runs fine. Only issue I can think of is broken body posts, but I just zip tie the body to the cage anyways.

This thing has all the hop-up items I could have bought at the time, but im sure there is more. Hop-Ups; Shock towers, center brace, cross members, K&N filter, Roll-cage, Aluminum clutch, set of paddles. Included will be everything you need to play with this thing, including lots of spare parts, even spare arms, a nicely built/shimmed differential. ESC is also installed.

Im in Rancho Cucamonga, I want to keep this local pickup for the time being

Asking price $250 firm

Note : The tackle box (iteself) wont be included, but everything in it will be included.

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