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I my name is Robert and I am an... Wait wrong place for that.

I recently purchased my first Tacoma. 1998 5-lug x-cab. I have been on and off this site for years but have never set up to post so hi..

I have had 4 other Toyotas in the past all prerunners (purpose built not by name)

This current Tacoma has been at AM suspensions for the past month getting a full custom front suspension. Can't wait it is going to be sick.

For work I produce a T.V. show on the Fuel network called M80. It is all about FMX and the rider’s. Great job and lets me get out to the dirt a lot. Cannot wait to have the truck done so I don't have to ride a quad with gear. Now I will be able to haul ass in the truck behind the riders.

I am also currently building a web site called DezerTV. Myself and the creator of the DTV show will be doing a full TV series broadcasted on the net for free!! Do not want to sound like an advertisement so that’s about it.

Oh and I live in Santa Monica so any local TTORA guys lets go get a beer and talk about trucks!!!

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Welcome to TTORA!
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